“Changing our city one event at a time”

Youth event

Every year we organize a youth event called ‘Nacht zonder Dak’. This Youth Event is an initiative in cooperation with Tear foundation. What exactly is the idea?¬†Young people are sponsored to sleep one night outside in a carton box. In this way they raise money for street children from India, Kenya and Bolivia and for children of refugees.¬†Everyone older than 12 is allowed to join this event. Die-hards even don’t bring a mattress and pillow!

Build a slum

The event itself lasts an evening, night and morning and is packed with super fun activities. In any case, we start with building our slum. The makers of the most creative shack will win a prize. Somewhere during the evening we receive a presentation from Tear about street children, in this way we raise awereness and we know wherefore we are doing this. By the way, did you know that it can still be super cold in the summer in Holland?

In dutch this event is called ‘Nacht zonder Dak’. If you translate that it is ‘Night without a Roof’. We have done this event in Barendrecht for several years now and young people from at least 5 different churches are participating. Everyone is welcome. Teenagers don’t need to be a member of a church. Sometimes also non-believing young people participate in this amazing event.