Our motto: “Transforming our area one event at a time”


In Dutch another name for Prayerstation can also be ‘Gebedspunt’, which also means ‘Prayerpoint. With the name Gebedspunt.nl we are known in our area as  a physical location were you can go to to receive prayer.
We offer a place where people are welcome and feel safe. We make time for anyone who comes to listen to them and listen to God for them.  So no pastoral ministry, just being there; listen to people, ask questions and pray together.

For believers AND non-believers

Also non-christians are welcome to come and receive prayer or ask their questions. We will always be with 2 people to listen to someone’s story and to pray for our visitor. We believe that God responds to our prayers. That He will show that He is involved in our personal lives. For more information in Dutch you can go to our website at www.gebedspunt.nl

Also other activities are organized by Gebedspunt.nl. We believe in the power of prayer and therefore we think it is very important to pray for our area.

To visit Gebedspunt.nl people need to make an appointment. Would you like to make an appointment to receive prayer? Or would you like to be prayed for? Please contact us through info@gebedspunt.nl