Our motto: “Transforming our area one event at a time”

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Did you complete your DTS and are you in for a new adventure? Become a city changer and join us at YWAM Rotterdam!
Currently our team consists of one full-time staff member and several (YWAM) volunteers. Another fulltime staff member from Brasil is on her way
🎉. But we definitely can use more staffies. There is so much to do and to develop. If you have done a DTS, then you know that we as YWAM have received a special DNA from God. Rotterdam and it’s surroundings need that DNA! So, if you are a YWAMER and in for a new adventure: continue to read, find out what is happening already and don’t forget to leave us your message. Looking forward to meet you!

Find out what is happening already

Already many things are happening at this moment. For more information check out this page. Still there is so much more to do and to develop.
Therefore we are looking for people who have completed a DTS and want to be in ministry fulltime. It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of experience, hardly any experience or everything in between :-). Yes, we are looking for experienced visionairs who’d love to take on a challenge and pioneer Youth with a Mission in Rotterdam. But most of all we are looking for missionaries with a passion to make Jesus known.
Did you complete a discipleship training school and are you in for a new adventure? Then please contact us. Because there is so much to do and to develop, there is also plenty of space to start your own ministry. On the other hand there are also many opportunities to work with existing ministries. For more information about what is happening already: check out this page.

In YWAM we are trusting God for our finances. Most of our staff meet their financial needs by partnering with friends and churches who support their ministry. It’s also possible to choose to have a paid job for financial, practical or ministry reasons for a maximum of two days a week.

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